Linked Data @NLB

By: Hanna Hussein, pp. 20-34


In early 2014, the National Library Board Singapore (NLB) started a Linked Data project with the aim of increasing the utilisation of NLB and its partners’ resources through connecting related data, locally and with other datasets on the Internet. The project deliverables include the implementation of a Linked Data Management System (LDMS), developing a core Data Model and extended service vocabulary, transforming approximately 260,000 records (authorities, vocabularies and bibliographic data) from NLB, National Archives of Singapore (NAS) and National Heritage Board (NHB) into RDF, and developing a Linked Data service consisting of a web feature and a widget for the delivery of the transformed data sets, which has since been launched internally to staff and is currently under review.

This paper will provide an overview of the main project deliverables, with a detailed focus on the Linked Data service.