Asia-Pacific libraries on Facebook: Content analysis on posts and interactions

By: Catherine Tan, Sum Wai Yuan Hedren, Frank Seah Eng Kiat, V.Somasundram & Evelyn Wong. pp. 65-88.


A study was conducted on 82 university library Facebook pages across 52 Asia-Pacific universities. The popularity of these Facebook pages was analysed and they reached an overall average of 9.4% of their user population. The study also analysed the Facebook posts from August to November 2011.  These library posts were examined and classified into seven categories – Promotion (39%), Interests (14%), Announcements (13%), News (8%), Activities (3%), Enquiries (2%) and Feedback (2%). Each library post received an average of 3 interactions. The majority (83%) of the interactions were expressed through post likes while the remaining were expressed through comments.

This paper aims to provide a better understanding of Asia-Pacific university libraries’ use of Facebook and how effective are university libraries in using Facebook pages.