Collaboration between Medical Librarians and Primary Healthcare Physicians: A Roadmap for Enhancing Patient Education within the Sultanate of Oman

By: Mohammed Nasser Al-Suqri, Safaa Ali Al-Hasmi and Asia Ali Al-Toobi. pp. 1-21.


Patient education, which has become an increasingly central focus of primary health care in recent years, has been proven to be associated with improved health outcomes. The nature of patient education is changing: patients increasingly seek out health information online, but these resources are of variable quality. Physicians are faced with information overload, which hinders their ability to develop high-quality patient education. Drawing on best practice examples from the literature, the importance of collaboration between medical librarians and primary health care physicians in enhancing patient education is discussed.  Best practice examples of collaboration between medical librarians and primary healthcare physicians are identified and key learning is extracted. A recommended roadmap for the Sultanate of Oman to follow is set forth.