Access and use of electronic information resources by scientists of the National Physical Laboratory in India: A case study

By: Shailendra Kumar & Manisha Singh. pp. 33-49.


The paper aims to determine the usefulness of e-resources to the scientists of National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, India and their skills in using various search methods and techniques to access and utilize these resources. The study further aims to investigate the level of satisfaction with the information accessed by the scientists through the available e-resources and various challenges faced by them in their field. The survey was conducted with the help of a questionnaire and personal interview. Questionnaire was distributed to a random sample of 75 scientists from different fields of physical sciences available at the time of study and the response rate was 80 per cent. The responses received from the available scientists are presented in tables and figures and data is analyzed by using simple calculation of percentage method. The findings reveal that access and use of e-information is an important component of research activities for scientists, also qualitative and quantitative developed e-collections overcome conventional resources with the characteristic of fast accessibility. Title field, simple search techniques and self-taught methods are used to access the e-information. E-journals are most preferred e-resources and scientists are very highly satisfied with the retrieved e-information. Also, research indicates that as the internet is most preferred medium of access, there is a need to provide high bandwidth to overcome poor network connectivity. Also there is a constructive suggestion for developing an automated library system and increased electronic resources with improved library services.