Acceptable PDS Activities

There are many activities that contribute to a member’s professional growth and development that are not covered in this PDS list. The Board has decided to recognise only the stated activities which are representative of different types of professional development for the sole purpose of efficient administration of the scheme. Otherwise, the voluntary assessors will not be able to cope with assessing all types of variants in professional development activities.

The following are some guidelines to help applicants to decide on the activities that are admissible under each of the 4 categories.


A1.      Study visit to other libraries and LIS-related organisations (local and overseas). Duration of at least one day.

Library site visits that involve interaction between the host library and the visitor/s organised on an official basis. Casual visits should not be included.

A2.      Participate in an internship or exchange programme

This refers to an internship in another library other than the place where the applicant works. This includes any length of stay in another library, local or overseas as long as it is an official programme organised by applicant’s library.

A3.       Participate as committee member of LAS or any LIS related professional body (including conference organising committees, ad-hoc committees, etc.)

Applicant must be a member of Council, committee or sub-committee of LAS for at least 6 months to count this as an activity.

Continuation of service in a committee for subsequent year will be counted as a separate activity.

Membership of a LAS ad-hoc committee (e.g. conference organisation committee) can also be counted as an activity as long as the applicant complete the term of service or for at least 6 months, whichever is lesser.

Serving on boards and committees of recognised regional and international library organisations and associations is also recognised.

Individuals who carry out project work or ad-hoc profession-related assignments (e.g. as Internal Auditor) initiated by the LAS Council can count the work as an activity in this category as long as the activity last at least 6 months.

A4.     Participate in activities organised by LAS (e.g. AGM, LAS Conferences)

This refers to participation in events organised by LAS, e.g. AGM, annual dinner, social gathering, talks and visits to non-library venues and events.

Each event attended is counted as one activity.


B1.     Participate in a conference, course, workshop, forum or talk in LIS and related areas as an audience, chair, panel speaker or speaker. This includes internally organised professional activities registered with LAS and is opened to LAS members

The event should be organised or jointly organised by recognised institutions and organisations in Singapore or overseas. These include the Library Association of Singapore, other recognised national or state library and information associations, recognised libraries, reputable educational institutions, recognised training companies and library and information services vendors.

In-house training courses to develop and upgrade professional skills and knowledge in library and information work organised by the applicant’s library are acceptable activities. However on-the-job and orientation training to equip staff to perform his/her specific job cannot be included.

Applicants whose work involves responsibilities for subject librarianship or specific industry information work may count attending conferences and courses on these subject areas or industry sector (organised by non-library organisations) as a valid PDS activity

B2.     Participate in e-learning course or online conference on LIS and related areas (excluding webinars)

E-learning and online courses must be related to LIS or allied disciplines.

Due to difficulties in defining webinars, they will not be counted as PDS activities.

B3.     Participate in product/services training, briefing, updates & demonstrations by vendor

Include here all activities such as training, product/services briefing, updates, demonstrations conducted by vendors within the applicant’s library or in other premises, organised by the vendor, libraries or LAS.


C1.     Contribute written paper, presentation or poster at a conference, as single or joint author

The paper should be related to LIS or allied subjects.

The conference or seminar should be organised or jointly organised by recognised institutions and organisations related to library work or allied subjects and held in Singapore or overseas.

Individuals who conduct information sharing sessions on their experience and participation in LIS conferences and other professional activities at their library or other informal settings for at least 30 minutes can count this as a PDS activity

C2.     Write book, book chapter or scholarly article in journal or serve as editor of book or journal publications

The work must be related to LIS or allied subjects

The journal must be a peer-reviewed publication and book must not be self-published

C3.     Write short article in published magazine or news bulletin (print or online) or personal commentary on LIS (>1,000 words)

The work must be related to LIS or allied subjects

The article should be published in journals, magazines, newsletter or any serial publications in print or in an official website or blog of recognised libraries, related organisation or publisher.

C4.     Develop teaching materials for LIS related courses to be delivered to general LIS audience and not exclusively for the applicant’s organisation

Any activity relating to developing materials solely for in-house training is not accepted as a PDS activity.


D1.     Professional reading as evidenced by certified reading log (24 items per year)

Applicant should show proof of reading undertaken by submitting ONE of the following:

    1. A log of professional reading done during the qualifying period. As a guide, the log should contain at least 24 items per year.
    2. A bibliographic essay or review for publication in LAS publications. Work must be accepted for publication.
    3. Postings in personal weblog with comments on their professional reading (as a guide, should have a least 10 postings per year)

D2.     Participation in study group, learning group or reading circle (registered with LAS) (per year)

Groups/circles must be registered with LAS (see guide below)

Applicant must attend at least 4 sessions of the reading circle.

See Guide to Reading Circles.

See Registered Reading Groups

A Learning Circle is a focused discussion group, with commonly shared goals, working together to share and build knowledge in specific areas of library collections and/or services. Applicant must be registered with NLB’s Centre for Professional Development.

See Learning Groups at NLB

D3.     Independent learning project with documentation (per year)

An independent learning project is defined as a systematic effort in building knowledge and expertise on a particular topic by self-directed means (i.e. without attending formal courses or instruction).

The learning project should be related to LIS topics

Documentation of learning can be in any form that shows evidence of effort taken.