Validation of Knowledge Management Modules for Curriculum Design

By: Sajjad ur Rehman, Sakeena A. Al-Alawi and Abdus Sattar Chaudhry. pp. 22-45.


This study was designed with the purpose of analysing the perceptions of senior academics and KM experts regarding the placement of KM modules in core, elective or cognate segments of the curriculum. We identified KM topics using the results of two earlier studies about KM competencies and development of KM taxonomy. The findings of the two studies were integrated, resulting in a list of KM topics. We also pilot-tested this list, relying on the insights and input of selected KM academics. We scanned faculty profiles of KM educators, using the websites of the universities that were offering KM programs. Additionally, we identified those experts who were active in KM research and publishing in the area of KM education. A Web-based survey was administered and a total of fifty-one educators and experts answered the questionnaire.

We have pooled expert judgments in identifying core, elective coursework, and cognate units of KM curriculum.