Understanding the Information-Seeking Behaviour of Special Education Teachers in Singapore

By: Syamsul Ramadhan Bin Awang, pp. 22-39


This study presents an investigation into the information-seeking behaviour of Special Education (SPED) teachers in Singapore. Its objectives involve identifying the information needs of SPED teachers, the types of information sources preferred, the barriers encountered in information-seeking, as well as the level of needs satisfaction with their endeavours. A total of 110 SPED teachers participated in the study through an online survey questionnaire. The findings indicate that the main information needs of SPED teachers pertain to tasks involving the direct practice of classroom teaching such as lesson planning and classroom management. Accessibility and ease of use are important considerations in the selection of their information sources, which are most frequently derived from colleagues, syllabus documents and website articles. While the use of digital resources is common, print remains the format of choice for information sources. The main barrier to information-seeking encountered by SPED teachers is the lack of time during working hours, which negatively correlates to the perception of success in meeting their information needs. In general, however, SPED teachers appear to be well-satisfied with the selection of information sources in meeting their needs. The understanding gained from this study will help provide a useful foundation for further explorations on the information behaviour of SPED teachers.