Towards a Digital Life@Polys Framework – Transformation of Digital & Media Literacy in the Polytechnic Libraries in Singapore

By Lim Bee Ang, Lim Hwa Shan, Ruby Seng, Francine Chu and Sharon Tan


The pace of disruptive technologies is accelerating and the Polytechnic students in Singapore are confronted with complexities of the digital world. To adapt and embrace digital opportunities in the sphere of their lives, it is timely for them to embrace life in the digital world by equipping themselves with competencies to stay ahead in their studies and prepare for the workplace. The Polytechnic Libraries in Singapore recognise this need and have come together under the Joint Polytechnic Libraries (JPL) Transformative Collaboration to harmonise their Learning Services under a one-stop framework of Digital Life@PolysTM. This paper touches on the processes as to how the team has worked together to create a one Poly Framework, the benefits of harmonising Polys’ learning services together, and how the framework has helped the Poly Libraries to harmonise. The competencies are divided into five broad areas namely Staying Relevant, Cognitive Skills, Emerging Technologies, Safety & Wellness, and Enhancing Learning. The suite of offerings in this framework include E-learning packages, events, activities, learning journey, and curated guides which are collaborated with internal and external partners.