Partnering with Faculty for the Creation of Engineering Digital Projects: Process, Challenges and Opportunities

By: Lena Sam and Lim Kong Meng, pp. 74-82


Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Libraries launched ‘NTU Digital Projects’ as a new service to showcase the innovative, digital research output of NTU faculty and researchers and facilitate the discovery and use of this valuable content by a global audience. Research output may include textual content, multimedia, images, creative works, new media and other non-traditional forms. Viewed as a kind of scholarly communication output, digital project content may differ in varied and diverse ways from more established types such as academic papers archived in institutional repositories, or datasets deposited in data repositories, which have clearer characterizations and descriptions in comparison. The focus of this paper is on sharing lessons learned from not-so-successful content recruitment efforts and describing sourcing strategies that worked better when finding engineering partners. We also discuss project team roles, concerns and key issues when collaborating with NTU faculty on the development of the Unsaturated Soil Mechanics for Sustainable Urban Living digital project.