Information needs and seeking behaviour of Business students

By: Shaheen Majid, Iftikah Hayat, Rashna Phiroze Patel and Srivatson Vijayaraghavan. pp. 14-35.


Information needs and seeking behaviour of library users are changing due to several factors such as availability of information in multiple formats, new information discovery and delivery channels particularly mobile devices, changes in scholarly communications, and the entrance of new players in publishing and information provision.

The main objective of this study was to investigate information needs, information seeking behaviour and usage of different information sources by MBA students in Singapore. Data was collected through a pre-tested questionnaire, using the snowball sampling technique. It was found that the basic purposes of seeking information by the students were for writing assignments, conducting case study analyses, and preparing for student presentations and class discussions. Mostly students were looking for information about market research, financial information, economic news, and industry trends. Electronic information sources were considered more important than printed sources.

The paper suggests certain measures for improving information literacy skills of students to make them more competent information users.