Information Literacy: Diagnostics, Interventions and Assessments

By Debby R. Wegener

At the Temasek Polytechnic (TP) Library the librarians have been teaching Information Literacy (IL) and gathering feedback on these sessions for many, many years. While the students always profess to have enjoyed these sessions, what really needs to be ascertained is whether or not they have actually learned anything. The thought of trying to assess learning in hundreds of students may often be quite daunting, but a recent action research project at the TP library revealed how simple it can be. This study describes how this librarian used a diagnostic to measure prior knowledge, tailored the workshops according to the diagnostic findings, and then tried to assess how much the students had learned in the workshops. An added advantage came from the fact that the diagnostic, or pre-test, also showed just how much the Design students had remembered from their first library workshops.