Enhanced library database interface at NTU Library

By Abdul Aziz Nurhazman, Michael Tan Siew Chye & Hazel Loh, pp. 1-14


This project sought to develop an integrated framework for managing the databases subscribed by the Nanyang Technological University Library (NTU Library). It aimed to provide a single workflow for the administration of the subscribed databases and information web pages, as well as to provide a modern and intuitive end-user interface for library patrons. New features to connect with social networks for information dissemination and sharing purposes were also added.

The initial workflow was disjointed and involved many parties in publishing subscribed database’s information on the database Web pages. This delayed the process of getting the information to the end-user. After reviewing the system and working with the IT support to enhance the workflow, the publishing of a subscribed database on the web page could be done much faster. The Subject librarians no longer need to know HTML coding as a WYSIWYG user interface using CSS technology was provided and control was put at their fingertips to publish or update the database information pages under their purview in real time