2014 Volume 43

MusicSG: charting the development of the National Library’s digital music archive

By: Joy Loh. pp. 1-17.


Currently, in Singapore, there is no known music archive of Singapore music that is readily accessible to the public. The MusicSG archive fills this gap by assembling a collection of music composed or published by Singaporeans that is accessible for research and discovery. This paper will focus on the objectives of the web archive, the types of content on the site, various challenges faced in building the archive, and will end with a detailed walk-through of a user’s experience to the online archive.

Review of LFT2014

By: Yit Chin Chuan. pp. 18-32.


The Libraries For Tomorrow Conference 2014 (LFT2014) organized by the Library Association of Singapore (LAS) was held on 14 October 2014. It brought together the librarians in Singapore and was a platform for them to share ideas and discuss issues pertinent to the library industry in Singapore. This year’s event saw 14 presentations and 5 posters covering the 3 areas of the theme of the conference of People, Places and Possibilities. It was attended by 333 participants. This paper is an attempt to summarise and review the information that had been shared by presenters to the participants. This paper will also attempt to demonstrate the power of using embedded links to link to the various papers/presentations that have been referred to – as a first attempt towards new style publishing.