Regular Publications

  1. Singapore Libraries Bulletin
  2. Singapore Journal of Library & Information Management

Ad hoc Publications

  1. Chin, C. Y., Munoo, R., & Persatuan Perpustakaan. (2013). In 99 words: Stories librarians tell. Singapore: Library Association of Singapore (locate a copy)
  2. Yeo, P. P., Kua, L., Kennedy, J. P., & Library Association of Singapore. (2006). Directory of libraries and information centres in Singapore 2006. Singapore: Library Association of Singapore (locate a copy)
  1. Tan, J., Foo, S. C., Low, E. S., & Library Association of Singapore. (2005). Collective memories: 50 years of librarianship : in commemoration of LAS/PPM golden jubilee (1955-2005). Singapore: Library Association of Singapore (locate a copy)

AGM Minutes and Annual Reports

A compilation of the Association’s AGM minutes and annual reports since 2007.

Ad hoc Reports

CISPIN Report-1-R of the Committee on Information Studies Programmes and Industry Needs


A compilation of companies and organisations that offer products and services to library and information centres.

Vendors who are interested in adding their company into this listing at S$100/year, please email with the following details:

  • Company name
  • Company logo, 400 x 150 pixels, max 50kb
  • Description, <100 words
  • Contact person and position
  • Contact details: postal address, phone, fax, email, website

Vendors are responsible for notifying us of any changes to be made to the listing.