Committee on Information Studies Programmes and Industry Needs

The Committee on Information Studies Programme and Industry Needs (CISPIN) was formed in Jan 2011 by the Council of Chief Librarian (CCL) and endorsed by the Library Association of Singapore (LAS).

The impetus for the formation of the Committee came from feedback by chief librarians over the years that there should be better alignment between the skills and knowledge acquired by graduates of the information studies programme with the current and future needs of libraries. In addition, there is a noticeable change in job and experience profile of new entrants and potential entrants to the profession which requires us to review other alternative ways for them to obtain professional qualifications without incurring high opportunity costs.

Finally, members of CCL agreed that there should be a formal accreditation process for library and information science (LIS) professional qualifications to facilitate continuous feedback to professional schools or other educational bodies to achieve long-term goals for creating and sustaining a vibrant pool of library and information professionals

Reports Published

  1. CISPIN Report-1-R – Date Published: 1 Feb 2012. Revised 1 Apr 2012
Terms of Reference

The above goals can be summarised in the 3 terms of reference of CISPIN :

  1. Provide library education institutions with industry views of desired competencies and professional knowledge of graduates.
  2. Explore alternative routes to obtaining professional library qualifications that meet the requirements and expectations of libraries in Singapore
  3. Recommend and set up an accreditation process and body for the endorsement of professional library qualifications.
Members of CISPIN

Committee members of CISPIN are drawn from all the major sectors of the library industry to ensure good representation of various interests.


  • Choy Fatt Cheong , University Librarian (Chair), NTU
  • Lee Cheng Ean, Associate University Librarian, NUS
  • Rajendra Munoo, Head, Instructional Services, SMU
  • Wan-Yeoh Seok Kwan, Head, NIE
  • Caroline Loh, Director, NP
  • Esther Ong, Director, NP
National Library
  • Judy Ng, Director, NLB
Public Libraries
  • Veronica Boudville, Deputy Director, NLB
Special Libraries
  • Susan Song-Lim, Head, MAS

Time Frame For Action

The Committee plans to work on each of the terms of reference in the sequence stated and issue at least 3 reports related to each matter. This report focuses on knowledge and skills that library employers considered to be essential for new entrants to the profession. It is submitted to the Council of Chief Librarian Council and the Library Association of Singapore in Jan 2012. The second and third reports are scheduled to be issued in Aug 2012 and Jan 2013 respectively.

The Committee is grateful to the Division of Information Studies (DIS) at WKW School of Communication in NTU for their presentation, papers and discussion at our meetings which were valuable in our deliberations. We are also appreciative of some members of the profession, particular alumni of DIS who also submitted their views on the topic.

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