Qualifying for the Award of Practicing Professional (PP)

To qualify for PP award, an applicant must fulfil ALL the following conditions:

  1. Engage in at least 12 professional development activities in the 2-year qualification period.
  2. Engage in activities from minimum of 3 out of 4 groups listed below
  3. At least 2 of these activities must be from Group A (Compulsory group)

The types of valid activities remain largely the same, except that it is now limited to those clearly defined by Groups A, B, C and D without needing ad-hoc clarifications on their appropriateness or relevance. This does not mean that activities outside of those listed in the Groups do not contribute to a member’s professional development.

This approach is taken to minimize administrative work in managing the scheme due to manpower constrains in LAS. It is important to bear in mind that the PDS qualification certifies the minimum engagement in activities. Most qualified members would have engaged in more activities than prescribed.

A1 Study visit to other libraries and LIS related organizations (local and overseas). Duration of at least one day.
A2 Participate in an internship or exchange programme
A3 Participate as committee member of LAS or any LIS related professional body (including conference organising committees, ad-hoc committees, etc)
A4 Participate in activities organized by LAS (e.g. AGM, LAS Conferences)
B1 Participate in a conference, course, workshop, forum or talk on LIS and work related areas as audience, chair, panel speaker or speaker. This include internally organized professional activities registered with LAS and are opened to LAS members
B2 Participate in e-learning course or online conference on LIS and related areas (excluding webinars)
B3 Participate in product/services briefing & demonstrations by vendor
C1 Contribute written paper, presentation or poster for at a conference, as single or joint author
C2 Publish book, book chapter or scholarly article in refereed journal or publication as single or joint author
C3 Write short article in published magazine or news bulletin (print or online) or personal commentary on LIS (>1,000 words)
C4 Develop course materials for LIS and related industry conducted for courses available to LAS members
D1 Professional reading as evidenced by certified reading log (24 items per year)
D2 Participation in study group or reading circle (registered with LAS) (per year)
D3 Independent learning project with documentation (per year)