Committees and People

PDS Board

Terms of reference
  1. Examine and approve PDS applications for endorsement by LAS Council
  2. Review and approve changes to the PDS scheme

Puspa Yeow (Chairperson), Director, Temasek Polytechnic Library

Choy Fatt Cheong

Judy Ng, Director, National Library Board

Kamaludeen Mohamed Rafi, Deputy Director, Singapore Polytechnic Library

Kan Sok Cheng, Deputy University Librarian, National University of Singapore

Carol Sim Soek Cheng, Senior Director, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Library

Zubaidah Mohsen, Senior Librarian, National Library Board

Loh Hui Hong (Secretary), Librarian, Temasek Polytechnic Library


PDS Working Committee

Terms of reference
  1. Manage the submission process for PDS applications
  2. Examine PDS applications and check for award eligibility
  3. Advise applicants on details of their submission and suggest revisions
  4. Prepare list of applications for examination by PDS Board
  5. Manage PDS website

Mr Choy Fatt Cheong

Ms Kim-Chew Ah Too, Head, Library Assessment, Communication & Human Resource, NUS Libraries

Ms Veronica Boudville, Deputy Director, National Library Board

Ms Ong Juey Ming (Secretary), Senior Assistant Director, Nanyang Technological University

Ms Phoebe Lim, Assistant Director, Nanyang Technological University

Mr Kannadasan Venkatachalam,  Assistant Director, Nanyang Technological University