Filling in the Form

The PDS Board is working on an online submission to make it easy for applicants to submit their records. Before this is completed, an interim form which you can download from the PDS website will be used.

  1. Open the Application form (an excel spreadsheet) you downloaded. Download the form here.
  2. Fill in your personal particulars
  3. Enter details of your activities according to the guidelines given.
  4. As you fill in the form, the spreadsheet will check your submission automatically. The form will indicate if minimum conditions have been met. When this is done, submit the form via email to to the PDS Board before the closing date.
  5. When filling in the activities, please
    • Make sure you enter the correct category for each item
    • Do not enter any activity that is outside of the scope of activities as defined in each group. If the activity you have in mind cannot fit into any of the category, it will not be accepted for assessment.
    • You may enter more activities than is required in case some of your activities is not acceptable.
    • Use the format given in the guidelines in entering activities. This is to facilitate the work of the PDS assessor – remember that they are volunteers.

Format for reporting activities

Enter the activities in the online form according to the guidelines given here. The explanation for the activities in each category is followed by the prescribed format of entry. Description of each activity is optional. There is no need to include if activity is self-explanatory. Examples are also given.

A1 Study visit to other libraries and LIS related organizations (local and overseas). Duration of at least one day.Format:
<Library / Location / Organizer / Duration / Description>

Singapore Polytechnic Library / Singapore / LAS / 1 day
Purdue University Library / Purdue, USA / NTU Library / 1 day

A2 Participate in an internship or exchange programmeFormat:
<Library / Location / Organizer / Duration / Description>

Wuhan University Library / Wuhan, China / NTU Library / 2 weeks

A3 Participate as committee member of LAS or any LIS related professional body (including conference organising committees, ad-hoc committees, etc)Format:
<Organization / Committee Name / Participation mode / Period / Description>

LAS / PSC / Chair / 2013-2014

A4 Participate in activities organized by LAS (e.g. AGM, LAS Conferences)Format:
<Event / Location / Description>

LAS AGM / The Pod, NLB

B1 Participate in a conference, course, workshop, forum or talk on LIS and work related areas as audience, chair, panel speaker or speaker. This include internally organized professional activities registered with LAS and are opened to LAS membersFormat:
<Name of event / Location / Organizer / Participation mode / Description>

35th Annual Conference / Helsinki, Finland / IATUL / Chair of Discussion Panel
PPM-LAS Joint Conference 2012 / Melaka, Malaysia / LAS & PPM / Speaker
SILAS Knowledge Sharing Session #21 / NLB / SILAS & NLB / Participant

B2 Participate in e-learning course or online conference on LIS and related areas (excluding webinars)Format:
<Name of event / Organizer / Description >

Questionnaire Design for Social Surveys : A MOOC course on Coursera / University of Michigan / I complete the 7-week which started on 14 Jul 2014.

B3 Participate in product/services briefing & demonstrations by vendorFormat:
<Name of product or event / Location / Vendor / Description>

Intota Demo conducted by Nick Mole / Temasek Polytechnic / ProQuest SEA

C1 Contribute written paper, presentation or poster for at a conference, as single or joint authorFormat:
<Title of paper, presentation or poster / Conference name & location / Authorship / Description>

Poster on Digital Repository at NTU: User Centred Services from Reusable Subject Metadata / IFLA 2013, Singapore / Sam, L.C. & Muralidharan, P.

C2 Publish book, book chapter or scholarly article in refereed journal or publication as single or joint authorFormat:
<Citation of work / Description>

Choy F.C. (2011). “From Library Stacks to Library-In-A-Pocket: Will Users be Around?”, Library Management, v32 (1/2), pp62-72

C3 Write short article in published magazine or news bulletin (print or online) or personal commentary on LIS (>1,000 words)Format:
<Citation of work / Description>

Ho, S.K. “Report on social media activities in SE Asian Libraries”. Singapore Libraries Bulletin Blog, Library Association of Singapore, 1 Apri 2013.

C4 Develop course materials for LIS and related industry conducted for courses available to LAS membersFormat:
<Course title / Course organizer / Description>

Promoting use of e-resources: A half-day course / NTU Library / I developed the 3 hour course for librarians which was delivered by 2 other colleagues

D1 Professional reading as evidenced by certified reading log (24 items per year)Format:
<File of reading log submitted to PDS Board / Description>

Reading log file “ChenYC-RL-2014.doc” submitted to LAS on 28 Jun 2013

D2 Participation in study group or reading circle (registered with LAS) (per year)Format:
<Name of study group or reading circle / Number of meetings attended during the period / Description>

Temasek Polytechnic Library Reading Circle / 4 times in 2013

D3 Independent learning project with documentation (per year)Format:
<Name of project / Description of documentation / Description / Description>

History of seal carving / Postings on blog, / I work as an art librarian and I embarked on this learning project to have a better understanding on the development of seal cutting, particularly in Sung Dynasty