Application Procedures

The PDS scheme is designed to be simple for applicants to register and for LAS to administer. Applicants only need to follow the 4 simple steps below:

1. Be familiar with the types of professional development activities that qualify for endorsement by PDS.

2. Engage in these activities. Keep proper records. You may download the application form from the PDS website and enter records of these activities once you completed them.

3. Once you achieved the minimum activities required, submit the form online when LAS announce invitation for PDS application. This happens twice a year, typically before January and July each year.

4. Your applications will be assessed and verified by the PDS Board. Applicants can choose one of two options in verifying the activities that they engaged in:

  • Public display
     Upon acceptance of application by the PDS Board, the activities form for each application will be made available for public viewing for 2 weeks at the LAS website. Applicants need not submit any supporting documentation to prove the undertaking of the activities stated. If no queries and objections are raised by LAS members on the accuracy of the information submitted within one month, the award will be confirmed. The forms will be removed for viewing after 2 weeks.
  • No display
     If applicant does not wish to make their activities form public, they must provide proof of attendance for all activities. Documentation for verification can include certification by Head of Library, evidence of attendance from event provider, payment receipts, etc. Applicants need to pay an administrative fee of $50 to exercise this option.

After assessment and verification, the PDS Board will recommend your application to the LAS Council for the award of Practicing Professional status. Your name will be listed in the LAS website for a period of 2 years.

Applicants may appeal to the LAS Council in case of any disputes on the award of the Practicing Professional status. The decision of the LAS Council after the appeal will be final.

Applicants must be fully paid-up professional member of LAS at the point of application to have their applications considered.

Download the PDS Activity Form here:  PDS Form 2017. This form can be used for January and July’s submission.

Email completed forms and supporting documents to