Guide on Reading Groups

1. What is a Reading Group?

A reading group comprises a small group of people who meet regularly to discuss some common areas of interest or issues. For the purpose of recognition by PDS, the reading group should confine their areas of interest to issues relating to library and information work.

2.  Purpose of a Reading Group?

The purpose of a reading group is to help members keep up-to-date or acquire expertise or knowledge in a specific area of their profession. Participation in a reading group can help members gain better grasp of the areas of interest through sharing varied viewpoints and promote better networking and self-help among members.

3. How to form a Reading Group?

A reading group can be formed by any group of librarians either from within an organization or across organizations. To ensure that members have opportunities to participate actively, the group should not exceed 8 people. Members can decide on how to structure their group and activities. Some suggestions are given below.

a.     Group specific.
The group (or a member) selects an article or book to discuss
All members read the article/book before coming together for discussion
Discussion of article/book could revolve around the following: clarifying and interpretation, raising pertinent issues arising from the reading, reflection leading to further reading or written work.

b.     Topic specific.
Group focus on specific topical areas, either broad or specific
The group (or a member) selects a topic to discuss and assign each member of the group to investigate an aspect of the topic
Each member of the group than take turns to present their findings from reading of the topic followed by discussion

4.       How to register a reading group with PDS?

Form your reading group, decide on a group name and appoint a leader or contact person.

Register the group by sending an email with the following details to Secretary, PDS Working Committee

Details required:

  Name of Group
Purpose of Group (optional)
Nature of group (Same organization; Across organization)
Names of participants
Leader/contact person
Date initiated
Proposed meeting frequency

Your group registration will be shown in this website.

Carry out your reading circle activities. It is suggested that the group meet at least once every 2 months or more frequently.

If you already have a reading group since Jan 2008, you may also register retrospectively.

In order to qualify as a PDS activity, the group must meet at least 4 times per year.