The association is organised as follows:


The Council is the governing and executive body of the Association. Office-bearers and Committee chairs of the present council.


List of committees and their members. Chairs and members of the various committees.

Professional Development Scheme Board and Working Committee

The Professional Development Scheme is maintained by a Board and a Working Committee. Members of both Board and the working committee.

LAS Awards & Grants Panel

Members of the Awards and Grants Panel

Editorial Board and Team

The association publishes the peer-reviewed Singapore Journal of Library and Information Management.

The editorial team of the Singapore Journal of Library and Information Management

Constitution & By-laws

  1. Constitution
  2. By-laws for Joint Standing Committees
  3. By-laws for the Council
  4. By-laws for the Committees
  5. By-laws for Sections
  6. Statement of Ethical Principles

Major Milestones

  1. Major Milestones

If you are interested in volunteering in the association, please send an email to