Institutional Membership

Membership CategoryAnnual Fee*
Institution (Libraries)
Local and overseas libraries and information organizations
Institution (School Libraries)
Libraries and information resource centres in primary and secondary schools, and junior colleges
Institution (Non-Libraries)
Local and overseas non-libraries and non-information organizations

*Annual Fee

  • LAS membership is based on the calendar year. Subscription fees are due annually on 1 Jan and membership expire on 31 Dec each year.
  • Members who join LAS for the first time, between 1 Jun and 31 Oct of the year, shall pay only 50% of the subscription fee for that year.
  • Members who join LAS for the first time, between 1 Nov and 31 Dec of the year, shall pay the full subscription fee for membership up to 31 Dec of the following year.

Membership Benefits

  • Voting rights (only if representative holds a recognised professional qualification)
  • Member discounts on LAS publications
  • Notification of library-related events and activities
  • Free or subsidised attendance to selected activities organised by LAS for up to 3 nominees
  • Special member registration discounts and priority for LAS-sponsored courses, talks, workshops and conferences for up to 3 nominees
  • Eligibility for interlibrary loan (ILL) services from National Library Board (Note: NLB’s ILL policies apply)
  • Unlimited free job posting at LAS Jobs Board

For institutional membership application and enquiries, please contact LAS Membership Chair