September 2012 Update

Hi all, it’s the month of September and for LAS, the most important event would be our Librarians For Tomorrow conference (LFT2012) that will be happening on 25 September 2012.  If you haven’t registered yourself, please hurry and get yourself into the program!  Our guest of honour would be Senior Minister of State for Education and Information, Communications & the Arts, Mr. Lawrence Wong.  For more details please click here.

Call for Contributions – we are looking for interesting content from you, our librarians in Singapore.  Specifically, for our souvenir print-publication for next year’s WLIC 2013, we are planning to publish a book titled “Memories are made of these – 100-word stories from 100 Librarians.”  So, yes, we want as many submissions as possible – the more the merrier, you can submit multiple stories – they don’t have to be exactly 100 words (anything from 90 to 110 would do fine).  Our editorial team will then select the best 100 to go into the publication but all relevant submissions will make it to our website (where we won’t have a space limit as compared to the print-publication).  Along with your stories, it would be great to have a write-up about yourselves (you can be as long and detailed as you like as this will go onto the website) or your libraries.  For the web-based publication – we plan to grow it into something like a directory of Librarians and Libraries in Singapore.  If you need clarifications please contact with a reference heading “WLIC2013 publication”.

Here’s an example of a 100-word story for your reference:

Playing Sherlock Holmes – the case of the missing carriage returns by Yit Chin Chuan

There was a problem stock taking at the Library – the program comparing data collected with holdings information kept stopping.  We were stumped and the vendors were starting to eye each other angrily.  I decided to look at the data at the hexadecimal level instead of plain text.   I had used hexadecimal codes to hack into games when I was younger.  It was this unconventional approach that enabled us to find that missing carriage returns (a non-displayed code) was the root of the problem – it made our day, since we were able to break the impasse and get back to work.

Ofcourse seeing we are approaching the lunar 8th month, it is also mooncake time – here’s wishing all whom celebrate this occasion a joyous Mid-Autumn festival!