Professional Talk – Mr. Richard Ovenden, Bodleian Libraries

NLB organized a talk by Mr. Richard Ovenden, the Deputy Librarian of the Bodleian Libraries from the University of Oxford on the 13th June 2012 in the Possibility Room at the National Library Building.  This talk was open for LAS members to attend.

Mr. Ovenden gave a talk titled ‘The future of the past: How the Bodleian is facing the changing role of libraries as storehouses and knowledge and engines for scholarship’ .  He shared with the audience the many wonderful historical collections that can only be found at the Bodleian and showed how his libraries re-organized its collection infrastructure and made use of collaboration with partners to bring the collection to the attention of its intended targets.

He highlighted that Librarians need to expand capability in engaging its users, in negotiating with publishers and rights owners for arrangement of access to content barring cost concerns, in understanding the legal matters relating to copyrights beyond the standard updating of available technology to help our work.

One experimentation of potential interest is the use of crowdsourcing – Bodleian libraries is experimenting allowing its users to catalog about 4000 of its musical score that it has digitized – for more details please look at this webpage while the official What’s the Score webpage is here.

Reported by Yit