November 2012 Update

Hi all,

It’s NBA season and yeah, for those of you who do celebrate it a happy belated Halloween!  So what’s up this november?  Well today, our Special Libraries Section (SLS) is having its annual networking event at the NLB Pod this evening at around 6pm.  I have been told that gatecrashers are welcomed – this is a free event please drop by for a quick meet up with other librarians if you happen to be available and around the area!

Sometime next week, we also plan to publish the summary of the two discussions we had earlier in the year – remember the “When Librarians meet on Friday the 13th event”? Yeah, but I will probably split the two sessions into two blog posts so as not to overload your senses.  Please watch out for it – credit goes to Ai Ling and Joan.

In the meantime, our programs team will also be organizing a visit to the Peranakan Museum on 23 Nov 2012 – this is limited to 20 participants only – may the fastest clicker get to register!

To tide you over the month – here’s a link to some nice library designs (thanks to Sharon Teng and her regular CLIPs alerts!) – Link

And yes, we are still looking for your 100-word stories as well as your own write-ups – LAS is planning to set up a website featuring our Libraries and Librarians in Singapore.  Each insitution and Librarian will get your own page to put up content about yourselves.  Please contribute when approached by our volunteers or you can send them directly to me at

That’s all for the moment, it’s back to the ball (I mean work for me!)