May 2013 – AGM quick updates

Hi all,

Just a quick update that your new LAS Council for the year 2013 to 2015 has been elected. The following are members and their positions in the Council. The election went smoothly without any incidents or objections to the proceedings. It was one of the quickest AGM, I have had the opportunity to attend! We also had an enjoyable time at a new venue – the Orchard Hotel.

The new LAS Council for 2013 – 2015

President: Lee Cheng Ean
Immediate Past President: Gene Tan
Vice-President: Judy Ng
Treasurer: Joseph Kennedy
Hon. Secretary: Stephanie Ng
Asst. Hon. Secretary (Membership Chair): Patrick Pu
Council Member (Training & Development Chair): Flora Bay
Council Member (Sociel & Programme Chair): Fang Sin Guek
Council Member (Business Development Chair): Caroline Ho
Council Member (IT & Web Chair): Kannadasan Venkatachalam
Council Member (Publications Chair): Yit Chin Chuan
Council Member (Special Libraries Section Chair): Carol Sim

Congratulations to all the elected members.

Gene (Immediate Past President) announced that although the early bird registration has lapsed for the WLIC2013 event, those of you facing difficulty registering yourselves with IFLA earlier on may approach him for an appeal for consideration for early-bird qualifications.