March 2014 Update

Hi all,

It’s that time of year again for a lot of our institutions to handle financial closing as well as reviewing and tidying up our final year review of performances and start planning for the next FY.  So, I expect a lot of us to be kept rather busy.

2 quick things to update.  The latest issue of SJLIM Vol. 42 2013 is now officially published – we have 3 articles – hopefully, you will find them interesting and useful to you.  We are still tidying up the main access routes, but you may jump to the issue using this URL:

For those of you looking towards the coming LFT 2014 event, please rest assure that the project team tasked to organize this has begun working on this.  From what I have heard, they will be announcing details sometime in Apr 2014.  The rough detail is that we will be targeting an October 2014 date for the conference – so please make a mark on your diaries for this.  The theme that is proposed is: Libraries for Tomorrow – People, Places and Possibilities.

best wishes,