Looking forward to a new year

The year of 2006 is drawing to a close and it has been a great year for LAS. We had celebrated our 50th anniversary with a string of events that culminated with the gala dinner.

In this second issue of the Singapore Libraries Bulletin Blog, a picture of NUS Central Library graces the banner and I aim to change the banner with each issue to highlight the different libraries in Singapore.

There were some lovely comments for our readers! They liked the interactivity and the online nature of the blog. We hope to bring you more interesting news and articles in the future. I noticed we get comments from readers who are not librarians!

LAS is looking forward to an engaging conference in January 2007. The Special Libraries Section has created a new logo for itself, organised a financial talk and one of its members has written an interesting opinion on the relationship between academic librarians and special librarians. The Statement of Ethical Principles has also been finalised and we invite your comments on it. A forum on professional development scheme was also held. Read about the interesting talk about Library on Steroids by Leslie Burger.

The book titled Celebrating Libraries was launched and it is the very first book that has our users saying such wonderful things about us – a must read for librarians!

Unfortunately we also saw the passing of Ms Lim Kek Hwa.

Check out the new Republic Polytechnic Library and the philosophy behind its design, the newspaper reading corners in our polytechnic libraries and a new Media Viewing Zone at Singapore Polytechnic Library. The September Project 2006 was hosted by the National Library Board to engage teens in global issues. The arts community was also engaged by an exhibition of woodcut prints.

IFLA’s Interlending and Document Supply Conference is also coming in 2007 and held right here in Singapore.

It is looking like an exciting year ahead for librarians and libraries in Singapore. All the very best wishes for a wonderful year in 2007!

By Yeo Pin Pin