In Conversation with Lionel Lewis

Editor: Library Association of Singapore (LAS) Publications committee is honoured to have Mr Lionel Lewis share his thoughts on reading and Libraries. As the former goalkeeper of our Singapore national team in the 2000s, Lionel is indeed a well-known figure not only to adults, but to students in their teens as well. We are grateful to Lionel for his time in this email interview and would like to wish him a smooth sailing journey of work at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP).

Lionel Lewis as goalkeeper

Lionel Lewis as goalkeeper

Ed: You hung up your gloves in 2013, after which you joined the Student Affairs office in Nanyang Polytechnic. 3 years have gone us by, so Lionel, tell us how are you adapting to work life post-football?

Lionel: I am enjoying my role in NYP as I am able to relate what I’ve learned as a professional athlete to the students. I’ve got more family time as there are less travelling commitments compared to being a professional player.


Ed: I understand you used to be a former student from NYP as well. What is your recollection of NYP Library back then?

Lionel: I don’t really frequent the library during my time as a student as my schedules were quite tight. The only time I will frequent the library is just before exams as that’s a perfect place to study. There are many changes from then and now, however with the new inclusion of the reading corner it sure helps with the student’s learning and interaction.


Ed: For our readers’ curiosity, how have your reading habits changed over time? Are you reading even more now or lesser in your free time?

Lionel: During my younger days I love to read up on books related to sports or travel. Ever since I have kids, I started to read up on how to be a better parent. To be honest, I’m reading lesser now due to my duty as a dad but reading to my kids is one of the most wonderful activity that we enjoy doing together.


Ed: Do share with us Lionel, is there any all-time favourite book title(s) that you simply would love to read all over again?

Lionel: Not really, I read based on my interest which is definitely in the line of sports and travel.


Lionel Lewis as corporate staff

Lionel Lewis as corporate staff

Ed: Libraries have evolved over time and are no longer just four-walled repositories of physical books. Now, we are talking about collaborative spaces and innovative information technology embraced services within Libraries. Can you share your thoughts on what you envision the future of Libraries will look like, say in 20 years’ time?

Lionel: Books might not even be there anymore, since now everything has gone online. E-books maybe?


Ed: Against this backdrop, how do you think we as professional Librarians can evolve our roles and keep up to such changes?

Lionel: This is an era of change brought about by the introduction of informational technologies. In future, professional librarians might be information providers, consultants, curriculum activists, instructional designers, instructional leaders, production specialists etc.


Ed: Any words of wisdom you can offer to students in their teens when it comes to reading and information literacy?

Lionel: It is important to be able to understand the meaning of a book and to be able to read it is a blessing….


Contributed by Mr Lionel Lewis, Assistant Manager (Student Development) at Nanyang Polytechnic.

Posted by Justin Tan, Editor.