In Conversation with Kayly Loh

Kayly for LAS SLB

Editor: In this third edition of our “In Conversation” series, the Library Association of Singapore (LAS) Publications Committee is indeed honoured to have with us Ms Kayly Loh, ex-student from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and currently an accomplished Mediacorp Artiste, in sharing with us Librarians her thoughts on our local Library scene. For those of us regular followers of the “Tanglin” drama series from Mediacorp Channel 5, Kayly’s name would certainly ring a bell! We thank Kayly for her time amidst her busy acting schedule in accommodating to this email interview, and would like to wish her all the best at Mediacorp.
Ed: Hey Kayly, do share with us more about yourself. Which year did you graduate from NYP and from which faculty? How did you end up being an actress with Mediacorp then?

Kayly: I graduated from NYP in 2007, was pursuing a Diploma in Marketing. Acting wasn’t a dream that I thought of pursuing because it seemed so far fetched then. It was really a combination of luck and good timing that it all happened.


Ed: This question’s for your fans and supporters! Any upcoming TV projects you are currently working on?

Kayly: I just wrapped a Ch8 drama called 新生 Babies on Board and it’s slated to telecast in May. I’ve been with Ch5 long form drama “Tanglin” since 2 years ago and we’re still in the midst of filming.


Ed: What is your recollection of NYP Library when you’re still schooling back then?

Kayly: To be honest, me and my classmates didn’t visit the library much. I probably only went to the library once throughout my academic life in NYP and it was a project discussion meeting.


Kayly Loh, Mediacorp Artiste

Kayly Loh, Mediacorp Artiste


Ed: We Librarians, regardless of whether we are from the Public, Academic or Special Libraries, are constantly trying to engage our Library users in getting them to visit our Libraries and for them to make use of our resources and facilities. This could be for their academic, recreational or life-long learning purposes. In your opinion, how do you think we should entice our patrons whom are not regular users to come to the Libraries? Are we looking at better services/initiatives, or to improve our Library infrastructure/social spaces, or even both?

Kayly: I think libraries aren’t just a place to borrow books anymore, it’s an all in one space for people to access knowledge. Whether to learn, create or experience, libraries will need more touchpoints as a data bank to keep people coming and that will probably mean having to improve on both services and infrastructure.


Ed: So Kayly, would you be able to take a peek into your gypsy ball and predict how would Libraries be like, say in a decade’s time from now? (Perhaps even robots taking over Librarian’s functions in the future???)

Kayly: the library of the future will not just allow people to access current data (instead of past data considering how long it takes to be published, making the information irrelevant to current economics), but also to create the future. I would expect more AI involvement and initiatives for people to gain knowledge by having first hand alternative experiences (eg. virtual reality).


Ed: If there’s any one fiction title which you think every single Library should have, and that would be…

Kayly: the Notebook (pretty sure every single library already has it)


Contributed by Ms Kayly Loh, Mediacorp Artiste thru Ms Carolyn Chong, Celebrity Manager

Edited by Justin Tan, Editor