IFLA WLIC 2013 appeal for postings

Hi fellow LAS members,

As the WLIC 2013 event is a pretty large-scale affair, it will never be possible for any single person to capture what has transpired.  I would like to appeal to all members whom, have attended the event to provide what they consider as highlights that they’d like to share with fellow members.  If possible, please provide pictures – I think a compilation of snap-shots/short text of our impression of the event, would be a useful record for the SLB.  This is one way of capturing our collective memory of this event.

We have had gone through the opening ceremony (on Sunday), there was a special LAS dinner event to celebrate our librarians in conjunction to the occasion, on Monday and Tuesday we had events running throughout the day.  I have just returned from the Cultural evening event at Sentosa – which was interesting (and I hope to share what I witnessed – but too bad I wasn’t good at getting pictures – I notice many of you have went – so hopefully we can get some good pictures contributed) – but I could see a lot of our oversea friends thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Please do not worry about writing lengthy essays (although I wouldn’t mind them) – I only need your short notes so that I can compile them together in a logical sense.  Please send your notes to publications@las.org.sg Thanks in advance for helping out!