Public Review of Jan 2016 PDS Applications Has Closed

The PDS Board did not receive any objections or feedback during the review period.

Congratulations to all 20 applicants for successfully achieving their Practicing Professional status for the period Jan 2016 to Dec 2017.

  1.  Chia Wei Fun
  2. Clara Yap
  3. Hazel Loh
  4. Ho Mui Huay
  5. Julinah Sabria
  6. Koh Hwee Keng
  7. Kom Fong Hwee Jessie
  8. Lee Ying Teng Dawn
  9. Loh Hui Hong
  10. Norain Bte Akil
  11. Norlisa Bte Othman
  12. Ong Peik Keng
  13. Ruby Seng
  14. Stephanie Ow
  15. Tan Han Yong
  16. Tham Wai Fong
  17. Tint Hla Hla Htoo
  18. Wong Choy Ming
  19. Wong Pei Hong
  20. Wu Yao Yao

See the complete list of Practicing Professionals here.