How does it feel to say goodbye?

Letter from Gene
28 Jul 2011

Puspa Isabella Catherine Rafi PinPin Chuin Peng Choy Ming.

I finally had a chance to host a farewell and thank you dinner for the council from 09-11 last Tue. In attendance also were the council members who are thankfully continuing for another term – Yit, Susan and Lin Li – as well as current council members.

The most memorable thing about the dinner – other than Yit experimenting with prata and chocolate ice cream – trust me, don’t go there, you just get weird sloppy brown prata – was when i shook the hands of those I had to say goodbye to. I remember especially Isabella shaking my hand really hard – so hard that the MacBook Air I was carrying was shaking in …ahem..the air 😉 Dinner folks, you might not know this but it was a major lump-in-throat moment that lasted all the way home on Northeast line.

I remember Council 09-11 very vividly for the spirit in which the team came together to deliver just superlative results in many projects led by Puspa. Besides the 2 Libraries for Tomorrow events, the Awards that we started giving out, there was the start of PDS – I am almost done and submitting wait for me! – the completion of the WSQ courses, the revamp of a gorgeous website, the getting of sponsorship valiantly during the economic downturn. The list continues for a bit.

We are in a better place in LAS because of all these things that the Council under the stalwart leadership of Puspa had achieved. I was learning and watching all the time and can only do so much being green and all.

Thank you Puspa Isabella Catherine Rafi Pin Pin Chuin Peng Choy Ming Yit Susan Lin Li for all that you have done and the many things we will still do.

So how do you say goodbye? The cop out answer and one I am so willing to cop out to is that you don’t.

Once a librarian, always a librarian.


PS. Do chat, ask questions, give ideas etc on this page. I am an addict so I check it religiously and will respond to as many posts as I can. Do let me know too if you want to join us to forge the future for LAS in any of our committees and projects. Lots of places for the willing! Just let me know what you are into.

We are currently fine-tuning our plans for 2011-2013 and will share these in my next letter to you in Aug. And trust me – these are no cop-out 😉

Finally, are there any folks going to Puerto Rico this year? If you are and would like to have a get-together there with other LAS members, let me know by 1 Aug so I can arrange something?

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