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Do Librarians Have a Contract with Society?

Turner, Saralee. 2005 March. Do librarians have a contract with society? Singapore Libraries Bulletin, 15 (1):3-4,6. Why ask such a question? Why bother doing anything except day-to-day work in this profession that involves endless tasks; a lack of appreciation by our supervisors, who are now, more often that not, untrained in librarianship; and little recognition …

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LAS Statement of Ethical Principles

This post is adapted from Choy Fatt Cheong. 2005 March. Developing ethical principles. Singapore Libraries Bulletin, 15 (1):10-11. We hope that these broad principles will form the basis to guide librarians in thinking through difficult issues and making decisions based on values that we share. We hope these statements would jumpstart the discussion for our …

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