Pandemic IL Series: Pain and Pride @ Polytechnics

The pace of disruptive technologies is accelerating and the Polytechnic students in Singapore are confronted with complexities of the digital world. To adapt and embrace digital opportunities in the sphere of their lives, it is timely for them to embrace life in the digital world by equipping themselves with competencies to stay ahead in their studies and prepare for the workplace. The Polytechnic Libraries in Singapore recognise this need and have come together under the Joint Polytechnic Libraries Transformative Collaboration (JPL) to harmonise their Learning Services under a one-stop framework of Digital Life@PolysTM. The framework is forward-looking as it houses all the baseline competencies rolled down by the Government Bodies in Singapore and has a strategic alignment with the 21st century competencies (21CCs) by Singapore’s Ministry of Education, SkillsFuture, Singapore’s Critical Core Skills (CCS) and Polytechnics’ Graduate Competencies. The suite of offerings in this framework include e-Learning packages, events, activities, learning journey and curated guides which are collaborated with internal and industry partners.

This transformative journey from the initial conceptualisation of the framework, harmonisation of patron engagement across the Polytechnics and roll out of initiatives may face challenges in the initial stages. However, the team consider these as our “temporary pains” which has a silver lining at the end of the tunnel in the long run. After the first pilot implementation of the initiatives, the team could see many benefits in terms of optimization of resources, improvement of productivity and strengthening of Library staff professional development in learning services delivery. This is in line with the Chinese proverb that states, “No pain, no gain”.

Contributed by:
Lim Bee Ang, Ngee Ann Polytechnic Library
Lim Hwa Shan, Nanyang Polytechnic Library
Ruby Seng, Temasek Polytechnic Library
Francine Chu, Singapore Polytechnic Library
Sharon Tan, Ngee Ann Polytechnic Library

The Pandemic IL (Pain and Pride) Series, is a curation of stories in 300 words by instruction librarians as part of the Council of Chief Librarians (CCL) Committee on Information Literacy (CIL).
Released on a weekly basis, this multi-part story series highlights the pivot to online during the pandemic and demonstrates the resilience, tenacity, commitment and passion by instruction librarians to teach, educate and advocate not only information, media and digital literacy, but multi-literacies using various digital learning strategies. Enjoy.

Rajen Munoo Chair, CCL, Committee on Information Literacy