Get to Know Your 2021-2023 Council Members: Lim Puay Ling

Puay Ling is the newly appointed Honorary Secretary. She is currently a Senior Librarian at National Library Board, and is responsible for the operation and administration of the Parliament Library.

What is your vision/aspiration for LAS as Hon Sec for 2021-2023? 

Being a newbie in the Council, I am excited for the opportunity to learn about the Council’s work and to contribute to the profession. The work of a Hon Sec may not be glamourous, but it is an important role to track and safekeep important Council minutes and records on key activities of the Association. Together with the rest of the Council, I hope that through our upcoming programmes and activities, we can foster meaningful engagement amongst the LAS members. It is also my personal wish to connect with librarians working in small institutional libraries and resource centres, who are facing challenges ahead such as digital transformation and limited resources, to share and learn from each other.

In moments of self-doubt, how do you recharge and rally to keep going? 

I keep a journal and have a habit of penning down thoughts and do self-reflection. That is also where I turn to when I need to reaffirm my own strengths and sense of purpose, or simply to release any pent-up frustrations when things do not go as smoothly as one hopes. Recently, I have also started to grow herbs at home with the aim to create a garden of “scents” (still a long way to go!) and look forward to be able to connect with nature first thing in the morning and in the evenings after work.

Is there a piece of life advice that you’ve gotten that has always stuck with you? What is it? 

I always remind myself to “just do it” and not procrastinate. Because you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. Thinking back, I am thankful for this attitude and cherish the experiences with my loved ones – such as visiting friends and family out of town, catching a musical or concert overseas – these experiences seemed more precious now with the restrictions in travelling.

What made you interested in joining LAS and now the Council?  

I got to know about the opening for a Hon Sec and decided that, after many years as a LAS member, it is the right time to step up and do my bit for the community. The nature of the role appeals to me as I like to stay organised as a personal habit. It was, however, a steep learning curve in the beginning trying to understand and to comply to the legal and regulatory requirement but it gets better now.

What recommendations would you have for a new LAS member who is unsure about how to get involved? 

Attend our programmes, read up on our activities, reach out to any one of us to find out! Keep a look out on calls for participation and contribution through email broadcasts.