Viewing Fireflies at Kota Tinggi

The LAS Programmes & Social Committee organised a day trip for 33 LAS members and their family to Johor and Kota Tinggi on 3 June 2006. The trip lasted from 8:30am to 9:30pm and was led by Ms Lau Siew Kheng.

Highlights of the trip:

  • Shopping @ Johor Bahru Seafood
  • Lunch @ Pengarang
  • Dinner @ Kota Tinggi Orchid & Fruit Farms
  • Cruise @ Kota Tinggi River to see millions of fireflies!

What did members have to say about the trip?

From Ms Lau Siew Kheng:
“An interesting and relaxing trip. At the Desaru fruit centre, we saw the biggest mangoes ever and wondered if they were genetically altered! We also saw the unusual dragon fruit plant. It’s like a cactus. We tried the red variety – beetroot red and very sweet.

The highlight of the tour was of course the river cruise to see the millions of twinkling fireflies all along the river bank. It’s like the decorations on Christmas trees. They were a beautiful sight and seemed like a mirror image of the twinkling stars in the dark sky above us! We also had a great time catching up with friends and colleagues and got to know their family members as well.”

From Ms Lily Teo:
“The best part of the whole trip was the fireflies cruise. I have never seen such natural and beautiful ‘Christmas trees’. Highly recommended for anyone visiting Kota Tinggi. Do not miss out on this cruise. It really compensated us for missing out on the waterfall visit as we were held up in a 3-hour traffic jam.”

From Ms Chong Yee Ming:
“It was great, tiring but fun! The fruit farm and tidbits shop were both delicious and interesting – wish I had more time at the shopping centre! Of course the highlight of the trip was the ‘light-up’ of the Johor River at Kota Tinggi.”

The trip was great value for money, $50 for LAS members,$60 for non-LAS members and $40 for children below 12. Everyone found the trip, fun, fruitful and enjoyable!

Thanks to Siew Kheng for the thoughtful notes and reminders sent before the tour and especially for organising the trip.

Contributed by Dexterine Ho email: