Meet the 20th Student Council of Discipline, 2023

Ignite Integrity with a Bingo Challenge: A Collaboration between SMU Libraries and the Student Council of Discipline (SCD)

On Tuesday, 14 February 2023, Singapore Management University’s (SMU) 20th Student Council of Discipline (SCD) successfully concluded their annual library event held in collaboration with SMU Libraries.

SMU Student Council of Discipline (SCD) is a unique student-run institution appointed by the SMU Provost to work with the Office of the Dean of Students to provide a feedback channel for students on academic and non-academic disciplinary issues and to promote SMU’s CIRCLE Values of Commitment, Integrity, Responsibility, Collegiality, Leadership & Excellence. They actively promote the CIRCLE Values through student engagement and awareness campaigns throughout the academic term to uphold students’ interest and welfare in SMU.

This event was aligned to integrity and responsibility. The main purpose of the event was to promote academic integrity by increasing awareness on plagiarism and correct references. Considering recent events surrounding AI and ChatGPT and their impact on the academic community, the event was a relevant and timely reminder to uphold our Circle Values. Creatively and aptly named, Ignite Integrity with SCD, the event consisted of an interactive Bingo quiz where students had to complete three levels of activities relating to citations and referencing including some key questions that highlighted the use of the Emerald database. SMU Libraries developed the questions and helped in securing prize sponsorship from Emerald Publishing.

Students registering for the event
Attractive prizes on offer

Approximately 150 students attended, which well exceeded the expected target audience of 100 students. As ‘Ignite Integrity with SCD’ was the first physical event in two years after the Covid pandemic for both SCD and SMU Libraries, it was a welcoming sight to see a crowd in the library. Despite the rather challenging set of questions, 3 lucky students walked away with the top prizes of GBL speakers within the first hour.  There were huge crowds of students swarming in as prizes ran out and due to the overwhelming responses, the event concluded early.

Participants Queuing for their prizes
Bingo binge

A confluence of factors contributed to the success of ‘Ignite Integrity with SCD’ 2023:

  1. Attractive prizes sponsored by Emerald Publishing;
  2. Well-planned flow of the event;
  3. Prime and conducive location;
  4. Interactive and fun nature of Bingo

It was a deeply satisfying and validating experience for the new SCD team.

SMU Libraries is happy to have contributed to SCD’s success and is always eager to collaborate with student clubs and societies to cultivate connections, entrepreneurialism, and diverse learning experiences in sustainable spaces.

Contributed by:

Rebecca Ng Kai Qi, Vice President, 20th Student Council of Discipline (SCD)

Kartini SAPARUDIN, Associate Librarian. Learning and Engagement