Libraries of the Future – Voices from Around the World

Greetings from the Publishing Committee, and Happy Holidays!

Yes, you are probably preparing new workplans and services, and not having a well-deserved break – a librarian’s work is never done! Hence, we have gathered a selection of articles: some to encourage you by looking back at resolutions and hopes from the last decade and remind you how far libraries have come since then; some to inspire you to start working towards your dream library, whether it’s design ideas to make your library more beautiful and useful – who says those are mutually exclusive? – or improvements to increase efficiency in library operations; some to help you think about services that your patrons appreciate, or what a librarian’s job will look like in the next decade. Together with these voices and suggestions from libraries and librarians around the world, we hope you will be moved to add your own as well.

What else would you like to see in your own library?