June 2012 Update

Hi all,

Yes, June we have hit mid-way of the year – so what’s coming up?  If we were to look at things from an astronomic scale – the Venus Transit, that’s what.  On June 6 – for Singaporeans, we will get the rare opportunity (Venus transits occur in pairs of 8 years every century or so, the last time it happened this century was in 2004 – so if you miss this one – you’d have to wait and hope to live beyond the century to catch the next time it happens).  As per standard advice – never stare too long at the Sun – for more information about the Venus transit you may want to google it (there are tons of information and yes, various observatories around the world will set up a webcast for you to witness it in a safer manner – for the “paddies” (folks with Ipads and the like) – there is even an app developed for this.  Have fun and see stars!

Back to our library business – the CONSAL at Bali has concluded (an appeal to members who have attended the event – if you could provide us with a summary it would help the rest of us to catch up on it – thanks in advance!) – and coming up in July – LAS Training group is planning to do a 2-day workshop – this will be covering the topics of Citation, Journal Impact Factor and H-index.  It will be held on 5-6 July 2012 at NUS Central Library.  There are limited spaces (about 45 participants) – registration can be found at: http://www.las.org.sg/eforms/view.php?id=18

LAS is also planning the Librarians For Tommorrow 2012 (LFT2012) seminar to be held at the end of Sep 2012.  Please watch for more details and the call for papers/presentations.  There are plans to expand more rapid-fire poster presentations (which is of course subject to the submissions that our members put in – so please participate and support this sharing event!).  Our focus this year is about you, yes the librarians, so please give us your full support.

We are also embarking on a quest to gather data and content to prepare ourselves for WLIC2013 – one of which is to attempt to make information about Libraries and Librarians in Singapore available on a web interface and once we have that database – we can then plan and publish a souvenir/commemorative publication for the participants of WLIC2013.  There will be a team of fellow librarians approaching you for information about yourselves or your institutions – please help us by providing us with your information and granting us your consent to make use of them for the project.  Thank you all in advance.  You don’t have to wait for the team members to reach out to you – our aim is to make our librarians more visible – so if you are able to write/cut a video about yourself – please feel free to submit your content to me for inclusion.  By the time we start to build the web pages – it can potentially turn into a Librarians’ directory – which would be a nice spin-off for the project.