December 2011 Update

Seasons Greetings to all members!  Yes, it’s that time of year where things seems to be winding down a little bit – where most people seem to be away from office (either clearing of leaves or on holidays).  It is also timely to review for ourselves, what’s been working and what’s not and start to plan for 2012.

A quick catch up on some library related stuff that happened since our last update on this blog.  NLB signed an Arrangement on Cooperation with the Secretary of Internal Affairs of New Zealand (which was represented by the Mr. Bill McNaught, National Librarian of the National Library of New Zealand) on 17 November 2011.   Bill then later presented updates of the happenings at the National Library of New Zealand for those who have attended the event.

Our fellow members of the Digital Libraries Group under the Special Libraries Section are holding a talk by Dr Elisabeth Niggemann, Director of the German National Library on 9 Dec 2011.  This even is jointly organized with Goethe-Institut and topic of discussion would be the Europeana portal that integrates the digitzed holdings of Europe libraries.  Please RSVP with by 6 Dec 2011 (30 vacancies have been made available for LAS members).

Hazman (our ICT Chair) and Janice (our Training Chair) are both away at Brunei representing us at the conference and conducting a workshop there.  We hope to hear more details that they can share with us once they are back.

A very important event that is coming up in January of 2012 is our LAS New Year Bash – this is also an opportunity for us to present prizes to the recepients of the various LAS awards.  We look forward to your attendance at this event – for details please look out for the publicity released by our Programmes team!

The Publishing team is also looking our for volunteers to join us in coming up with a publication suitable for the coming WLIC 2013 – we intend to feature Singapore Librarians, so if you have ideas and recommendations we welcome that you send them to .  Thanks in advance!

Here’s wishing all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!