Call for Contribution of Content for WLIC2013 publication project

Hi all,

With the successful completion of the WLIC 2012 event in Helsinki this year, a new WLIC2013 is being put into action – this time round it will be in Singapore! To celebrate this occassion, LAS is planning a publication that feature our Libraries and Librarians in Singapore.

This is a golden opportunity for all of us to create visibility of our industry to the rest of the world.  LAS is planning to publish on two platforms – one is a web-version and the other as a print souvenir publication for participants of WLIC2013 to bring home.

For the print version – we are limited by budget and space (we don’t want it to be too bulky to carry) so we will have a selection committee to work on what contents would be appropriate to go into that. But for the web version – we are aiming to be comprehensive and we plan to leave the web publication organic (which means it can continue to grow beyond the WLIC2013 event and evolve as new developments and contents become available).

So what can you do?  You can write/create a video/record an audio about yourself, or about other librarians that you remember or inspire you (we just need them to have some form of connection to Singapore) or about the Libraries/Institutions you work in.  No, you don’t have to be a Singaporean – we are talking about Librarians/Libraries in Singapore and not Singaporean Libraries or Librarians ;-).

We are looking for various kinds of contents (and if you have pictures/photos that would be wonderful as well!).  Take for example – we need a story about SILAS, we need the story behind the Singapore Periodicals Index, we need to know the challenges of setting up the Singapore National Bibliography, we need to find out about the computerization of our records etc., etc.,.  What about libraries that have sadly stopped? – Yes, we need their stories as well.

So, we are aiming for as wide a coverage as possible – so please help by contributing what you can, a page, a short paragraph, a memory, a picture, a story etc.  Every little bit will help the selection committee to have a better pool of resource to select the materials for the print publication.  We will commit to try our best to put all contributed contents that are suitable onto the web publication.  We are working closely with the Singapore Memory Project (SMP) and suitable materials could also be added to it.  LAS stand is that you as content providers will be the rights owner and we will be requesting for your permission to re-purpose it for these projects (so you have a final say of how it would be used).

Please help by contributing contents, ideas and spreading the word to encourage your fellow librarians to consider submitting content to this project.  We already have some volunteers working on various aspects of these, if you find that you are most comfortable working with anyone of them, you may check with them: Azizah (NLB), Balbindar (NTU), Carol Sim (NAFA), Ivan Chew (NLB), Gerrie Kow (NUS), Majeed (Special Law Libraries), Melissa Man (NTU), Pin Pin (SMU), Rajen (SMU), Ang Seow Leng (NLB), Shirley Khew (Explomo), Susan Song-Lim (MAS), Tan Han Yong (ISEAS), Ho Mui Huay (TP), Jenifer Gan (SP), Hilary Ho (NIE-LIBRIS), Angela Tan (SIM), you are most welcome to contact me at or for clarifications and submissions.

Yit (Publications Chair)