April 2013 Update

Hi all,

Hopefully April 1st went by without major incidences and a few good laughs.  Yeah, yeah, how many of you had hoped that Google did come up with the smells thingie….. but I am watching out for Google Glass though  – that’s pretty cool!

April for our polytechnic libraries would also mean a busy period for the coming start of the new term – and new students to train on how to use library.  For a lot of institutions it would also mean new plans and things to do for the next Financial Year.

LAS members will also need to look out for next month’s AGM.  Yes, it’s election year again and the call will be going out for those of you interested, willing and able to help play a role in our LAS Council.  Please participate actively, as our association can only grow stronger with the combined contributions and effort of all our members!

Thanks to our IT chair, Hazman, LAS journal SJLIM is now registered with the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) – for those of you interested (yes free-access journals), please check out:


We have just listed ourselves there and put a link back to our site for content access – we will be considering whether we should put our contents there.

A reminder also about the coming IFLA WLIC2013 in August – I know some of you have been actively involved in this.  The publication team would like to thank all the librarians and libraries whom have contributed to the publication project.  We are also thankful of some of the sponsors whom have stepped in to support us as well.  I am also most grateful to the volunteers and representatives from the various libraries whom have helped to collect and collate entries from their colleagues.  We are busy preparing for the physical publications and would also need help for more contents for the planned website covering Libraries and Librarians in Singapore (yes contents are always welcomed, the only limit we have is space within the physical publication but for the website we are at the moment not setting any cap.