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Perspectives on the Online Library Space Experience Survey

LAS is pleased to collaborate with Civica and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) for the Singapore phase of their research project Perspectives on the Online Library Space Experience. This research will cross regions and library sectors across Australia, Singapore, New

User Experience Research Methods Workshops in November 2017

What is UX Research? UX or User Experience is everything that happens to your users when they interact with your service in any way (physically or remotely). It includes everything they see, everything they hear, everything they do, as well

IFLA Library Map of The World

IFLA Library Map of The World The Library Map of the World aims to provide basic library statistics across different types of libraries in the world. Data includes number of full-time staff, registered users, physical visits, physical loans and electronic

Vote on IFLA Global Vision Responses

Last week, more than 100 librarians from the Singapore libraries gathered over 2 days of workshops to debate on what the Singapore response to IFLA’s Global Vision call should be like. From these workshops, we have withered down to the

IFLA Global Vision Discussion

Be a part of the global movements led by IFLA to shape the vision of our libraries for the future! Together with the IFLA Regional Office, the Library Association of Singapore is pleased to bring to all libraries and librarians