UXLibs-in-a-day Workshop with Andy Priestner

UXLibs-in-a-day Workshop with Andy Priestner

Date: Dec 15th 2016 (Thursday) or Dec 16th 2016 (Friday)
Time: 9am – 5pm
Venue: Singapore Management University Libraries, Learning Lab 1
Fees: $120 (LAS members), $180 (non-LAS members)

This workshop is divided into 4 sessions:

1 What is user experience

The course begins by defining user experience and ethnography and exploring the value of attitudinal and behavioural user research methods with practical examples of its application in libraries.

2 User experience techniques

Participants are invited to experience firsthand some of the most valuable UX methods: observation and usability; card sorting and affinity mapping; love letters and break-­‐up letters; and cognitive mapping. Other methods explored include: diary studies and cultural probes; photo interviews; touchstone tours, graffiti walls; interviews; behavioural mapping.

3 Idea generation

Participants learn how idea generation techniques and a divergent thinking approach can turn research data into ideas for new products and services.

4 Learning summary

In the final session of the day attendees will be asked to share what they have learned and how they might go on to apply the techniques they have learned at their home institutions.

Course Leader: Andy Priestner, former head of library and information services at Cambridge University’s Business School and is now a part-time freelance trainer and consultant in user experience, leadership, social media, and teambuilding.    He also manages Cambridge University’s FutureLib Programme which delivers UX based innovation projects.

For registration enquiries, please contact training@las.org.sg