Congratulations to 2019 LAS Outstanding Newcomer Award – James Wong Hong Kang

If you wish to be commended for your achievements like James, look out for our call in November 2020!

James joined NIE Library as an Assistant Librarian on 4 July 2016. He recently graduated from the MSc (Information Studies) programme at NTU in June 2020.

James has been significant in revamping the NIE Library portal. His contributions to the various aspects of the website redesign from layout and vendor liaison to usability testing has resulted in a streamlined and user-friendly search interface. Being an effective communicator and problem-solver has enabled him to successfully identify and resolve issues effectively. After the launch, James has proven to be an innovative member as he contributes greatly in terms of implementing new ideas pertaining to NIE Library’s social media platform.

A dynamic self-starter, James has initiated a project to overhaul the library’s existing online forms and convert all paper forms to online ones; an approach that has improved usability and efficiency and promoted an awareness for the environment. He has worked with stakeholders from varying levels to gain their buy-in resulting in the successful implementation of this initiative.

In addition, James has been very forthcoming in sharing his knowledge with his colleagues and peers. In his role as webmaster of the Library portal and administrator of the LibGuides platform, he has conducted training and sharing sessions to content creators and was even invited to share his expertise with faculty members during the English Language & Literature faculty general meeting.

James has successfully led cross-functional teams to organise campus outreach events such as the Library Fest in 2018 and 2019. He also organised two library retreats for all library staff that helped facilitate team bonding and camaraderie among staff.

Besides his functional role in the library, James is actively involved in campus wide initiatives. He was invited to contribute to a NIE Director Dialogue session to understand staff’s aspirations for a future ready NIE and is the library’s representative to the NIE Portal revamp projects.

James has been an active member of LAS since 2016 and has volunteered as a reviewer for papers submitted to the 2019 LAS Conference. He was also part of the team that presented the paper, “The Future-Ready NIE Library: Leveraging on AR and VR Technologies to Enhance User Engagement”.

The Library Association of Singapore is pleased to honour James Wong with the 2019 LAS Outstanding Newcomer Award.