Congratulations to 2019 LAS Library School Scholarship Recipient – Priscilla Lee Kai Ning

If you wish to receive a scholarship just like Priscilla, look out for our call in November 2020!

Priscilla Lee Kai Ning joined Nanyang Polytechnic Library in February 2017 as a Librarian and plays a key role in the development of information literacy training curriculum, and the promotion and teaching of information literacy to students. She is now completing her MSc in Information Studies at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information in NTU.

Technologically savvy, Priscilla has contributed immensely by exploring and leveraging on technology to enhance library services. She has created learning journeys using Augmented Reality (AR) and game-based learning to enrich students’ experiences during orientation programmes. Priscilla understands the needs of students and is therefore able to create user-centric E-learning content and facilitate engaging information literacy sessions for students.

The Team Excellence Assessment is a closed-door assessment platform that allows teams to present their Team Excellence projects to a panel of judges. Priscilla and her team were awarded gold for their project on introducing the advisory service Expert Review that was implemented in the library’s Smart Learning Hub in 2018. This project by Priscilla and her team was also awarded Gold for Nanyang Polytechnic’s EXCEL day in 2018.

Besides reaching out to students through the libraries, she also coordinates and promotes library programmes; extending her reach by leveraging on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Priscilla has also been instrumental in other key projects. She has been involved in the library’s strategic planning under the Future of Work initiative, for example.

Priscilla takes the initiative to discover innovative ideas. She practices and selflessly shares her knowledge with fellow colleagues to foster an active learning community. An interested and keen learner, Priscilla keeps herself abreast of emerging trends and developments in the library industry.

In recognition of her accomplishments and in view of her potential for making further contributions to librarianship in the years ahead, LAS is delighted to award Priscilla Lee Kai Ning with the LAS Library School Scholarship.