Congratulations to 2019 Library Association of Singapore-Asia Pacific Business School Librarians’ Group Singapore (LAS-APBSLG SG) Passion Award Recipient – Goh Su Nee

Special thanks to the APBSLG (SG) group for sponsoring the award for 2019.
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Goh Su Nee joined Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Library in 2004. Before joining NTU Library, she was a lecturer of Information Studies at Temasek Polytechnic. Throughout her 15 years with NTU Library, she has taken on a variety of roles, including that of the Head of the Bibliographic Services Division, the Head of the Facilities Planning Division, as well as overseeing Research Data Management (RDM) services in the Scholarly Communication Group.

Su Nee is currently the Team Lead for the RDM Team in NTU Library. She was appointed the team lead for the newly formed team in December 2017 so that they can offer an essential new service to faculty and research staff in NTU. Su Nee’s drive and passion is apparent when she shares her knowledge and experience with fellow librarians, not just within NTU Library, but also with other libraries in Singapore.

In late 2014, Su Nee and another colleague were instrumental in NTU Library’s offering of RDM Services. Together, they worked closely with various University stakeholders to develop a proposal of the NTU Data Management Plan (DMP) Template and helped to draft the NTU Research Data Policy. In 2016, both the template and the policy were officially adopted and implemented by the University. Her team worked to share with the University’s Principal Investigators the skills to develop clear, systematic Data Management Plans via DMP Template workshops.

In 2017, Su Nee led her team to identify a suitable platform and design support services for the University Research Data Repository. Bertil Andersson, the NTU President then, launched the repository in late 2017. Since then, her team has worked tirelessly to make the repository a useful tool for NTU’s researchers, and to facilitate data sharing and preservation of research data. Two years on, the repository now has over 12,000 data files, and the number of downloads from published datasets is over 30,000 and continues to grow.

Su Nee’s passion to share knowledge led her to form a multi-university RDM group in 2015, gathering librarians from various local universities who worked in Scholarly Communications or RDM teams. Her aim was to create a channel for all to learn from each other, sharing latest plans and international developments on the then-new and emerging topic of University Libraries’ support service for RDM in Singapore. This group met twice a year until early 2019.

Su Nee also ensured that her NTU RDM Team members share their takeaways during the meetings, transferring her passion for sharing knowledge to her own team members, and building a culture of cooperation and collaboration. In the last five years, several members of the multi-University RDM group and their colleagues had attended talks and workshops about data sharing and best practices that were organised by her team.

Su Nee’s passion inspires others to follow her example. Her tireless work in sharing her own knowledge and experiences with fellow librarians in NTU and the wider University community is an example for all to follow.

In recognition of these achievements, LAS is privileged to present Goh Su Nee with the 2019 Library Association of Singapore-Asia Pacific Business School Librarians’ Group Singapore (LAS-APBSLG SG) Passion Award.