LAS-YBP Grant [Discontinued]

The LAS – YBP Library Services Grant is given to recognise professional contributions from a librarian or a group of librarians in the field of technical services and/or collection development of print or electronic resources.  It aims to provide the recipient(s) with the funding opportunity to study a particular aspect of collection development and management ranging from acquisition, subscription, licensing, cataloguing, e-resource management and other related activities.

The Grant is also open to librarians working in Singapore in technical services and/or collection development to attend an international library conference for professional development.

The Grant

The Grant consists of S$2,500 sponsored by YBP Library Services.

Who is Not Eligible

  • Past LAS-YBP Library Services Award recipients
  • LAS Council Members
  • LAS Awards Panel Members

Selection Process

The nominee(s) have shown outstanding contributions in any of the following activities with a primary focus on collection development and management of print, digital or electronic resources:

  1. Contributions to the development, application, or implementation of new or improved processes
  2. Contribution to the professional literature relating to collection development and management
  3. Project undertaken in relation to collection development and / or technical services

The LAS Awards Panel shall evaluate nominations received and the decision will be final.  The Award will be presented at an annual LAS event.

Required Outcome

The award recipient(s) are to fulfil one of the following requirements within 12 months following receipt of the award.

  1. contribute an article of their project to the Singapore Journal of Library & Information Management
  2. share the project at an LAS event.  This sharing can also be the presentation of a conference recently attended
  3. any other way as proposed by the recipient(s) and accepted by the LAS Awards Panel

Past Recipients


Law Loo Shien & team

2007 (Inaugural)

Turner, Saralee Katherine

Ms. Turner received the award to perform further study on Singapore’s Participation in NACO: The Impact on SNB Cataloguing Resulting from the Creation of Personal Name Headings in LC/NAF. The award was presented at the LAS Conference and Workshop 2007.