LAS Awards Panel

The LAS Awards Panel was set up in 2006 by the LAS Council. The Terms of Reference for the Awards Panel are as follows:

  1. To recognize members who render outstanding service to the profession
  2. To promote professional growth through the development of grants, sponsorships and scholarships
  3. To develop and administer all awards presented in the name of the Library Association of Singapore

Duties of panel members

  1. The Awards Panel is responsible for the coordination and administration of the LAS Awards Program
  2. Presents recommendations to the LAS Council on all policies relating to awards given by LAS
  3. Recommends funding from Council
  4. Drafts the proposal for the awards
  5. Prepares announcements and the terms of all LAS awards and inviting nominations from the membership at large
  6. Monitors the progress of the nominating process
  7. Recommends recipients of LAS awards for approval by the LAS Council within 3 weeks after the deadline for application. If a Council member is recommended, they will not be involved in the approval process
  8. Notifies each winner and donor/sponsor when and where to be present for the award ceremony, when appropriate
  9. Prepares and orders the citations, requests award money, and arranges for cheques to be processed prior to awards
  10. Prepares and makes all arrangements for award presentations at the appropriate functions, including letters of invitation to the winners and donors, the script for the President, and photographer (if required)
  11. Ensures all relevant information is available on the LAS website including past winners and information of all awards
  12. Keeps records of important archival material such as statements affecting policy, proposals for awards whether approved or not, correspondence of lasting value, names of the members of Awards Panel, and relevant financial reports
  13. The Awards Panel can co-opt temporary members, after endorsement by the Council, if it is felt that additional members’ experience will enhance the fairness and professionalism of the Awards Panel’s deliberation for any specific award

Panel Members 2019 – 2021


Ms Sadie-Jane Nunis


Ms Manimekalai Thirumalai

Ms Raneetha Rajaratnam

Ms Catherine Victoria

Ms Sumita Govindan

Mr Mohamad Karazie

Mr Vincent Wong

Panel Members 2017 – 2019


Yeo Pin Pin


Mr Scott Davidson

Ms Hazel Loh

Ms Low Ke Khoon


Manimekalai Thirumalai

Panel Members 2013 – 2017


Hazel Loh


Scott Davidson

Tan Lay Tin

Manimekalai Thirumalai

Yeo Pin Pin

Types of Awards

LAS awards represent four types with the recommended minimum dollar amount as follows:

a. Grant – Grants are issued to encourage professional growth through research or professional development. The minimum recommended amount is S$2,500

b. Recognition – These awards are to highlight those who have contributed to the library profession in a substantial way according to the specifics of the award. No designated minimum is recommended

c. Scholarship – These awards are meant to provide individuals with full or partial funding to further their education to enhance themselves and the library profession. The minimum recommended amount is S$4,000

d. Sponsorship – These awards are meant to provide individuals with funds necessary to experience opportunities for professional growth. No designated minimum amount is recommended